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Academia and rock ’n’ roll live in harmony for this Carolina professor

Florence 多尔 has a new album and a new book out this fall. 她一直在全国巡回演唱,谈论她最喜欢的话题之一:文学和摇滚的交集.

九月下旬, 弗洛伦斯·多尔正在雅典演出前的一个下午休息(喝了很多水), 乔治亚州. She is a little over halfway through a tour with her band, 孵蛋的4,000 miles so far on the family’s Toyota Sienna minivan.

多尔出了一张新专辑, 高速公路和火箭飞船, but this is not your typical music tour. 这位出生于纳什维尔的创作型歌手也是澳门葡京官方网英语和比较文学系的教授, 她的新书, The Ink in the Grooves: Conversations on Literature and Rock ’n’ Roll,也刚刚出版.

多尔 翻开这本书(康奈尔大学出版社出版),上面写着:“放下唱片针. Drop it on any piece of vinyl in your collection, then go crack open that novel you’ve been meaning to read. 你能感觉到回响吗? Do the lines in the song merge with the sentences on the page? 对我来说, 当一切都尘埃落定, 世界消失了, 我悬浮在比音乐或散文更大的东西的云里.”

多尔 teaches courses at Carolina in songwriting, contemporary fiction and the American novel, and it’s not the first time she has made the connection between rock music and literature; her 2018 book was Novel Sounds: Southern Fiction in the Age of Rock and Roll. 今年春天, she got the crazy idea of taking both her prose and her songs on the road; the tour kicked off Sept. 8个 澳门葡京开户公共人文 在Carrboro的Peel画廊举办的活动.

“Music provides an avenue for connection. The most obvious places to play are in music clubs, 但我想, “澳门葡京开户还可以去其他地方.“澳门葡京开户玩了R.B. Morris, the poet laureate of Knoxville, 田纳西州, for instance,她说. “There’s so much polarization across the country right now. I believe in civil discourse and in connecting with people.”

她的丈夫, 将Rigby, dB乐队的长期鼓手, is in 多尔’s band and on the public humanities tour with her, which has been both fun and helpful given his background in the music industry.

“He’s been very supportive, along with all of the band members. We get to a club after driving so many hours, 打开澳门葡京开户的设备, 卖一些书, 播放澳门葡京开户的曲目, then we pack up and go back to the hotel and get ready for the next day,多雷说, 谁在丹顿打过球, 德州, several nights before the Athens gig. “我能够进行这些很棒的对话,因为他们正在装车,照顾这些事情.”


在巡回演出的即兴“教室”中与观众的对话让多雷感到非常熟悉, who has been teaching at Carolina since 2010; she received her doctorate from the University of California, 加州大学伯克利分校, in 1999.

She said Carolina students are “incredible,” and she enjoys chatting with them about the craft of songwriting. 她在6月8日INDY Week的一篇文章中告诉作家布莱恩·豪,“写歌是一种改变的状态, 有点像冥想. 你不仅要为它创造物理空间,还要为它创造某种精神空间.”


“It’s about journeys and where we land and where we’re going,多雷说. “Highways are earthly, and rocket ships take you into outer space. It’s a song about the different trials and tribulations we go through in life. It’s about the twists and turns of being human.”

The song “Sweet to Me” is an elegy to her late grandmother, 玛丽福, 在希克曼县长大的人, 田纳西州. The recording of it was all the more special because 多尔’s teenage daughter joined her in the studio; she and 多尔’s sister sang the outro on the song.

多尔 wrote in a post on her website: “These are kisses for my grandmother; hers kept me whole in my childhood.”


“我认为更重要的是卷起袖子,拿起笔,不管你有什么时间,都要做这件事,多雷说. “You’re going to hate some of it and come to love some of it. It’s a matter of sitting there for the duration; then you revise and make it better.”


从她的第一张LP, “完美的城市,” in 2001 and the second was long and winding — spent raising her daughter, getting academic tenure and joining her husband, 谁和史蒂夫·厄尔一起巡演了. 疫情来袭时,她刚刚开始重返唱片事业和巡演.

一切都开始停止运转, 多雷和乐队远程录制了马歇尔·克伦肖的“Somewhere Down the Line”,” a song whose words seemed particularly fitting for turbulent times.

But what to do with that single track? 多雷开始考虑“猫摇篮”,以及这个深受喜爱的carboro音乐场所能否在疫情中幸存下来.

The result was the Billboard-charting album, “服务费:N.C. Musicians Go Under Cover to Benefit Cat’s Cradle,” featuring 25 songs by different Triangle musicians. 多尔提出了这个项目的想法,并与一些当地人担任联合执行制片人:广告公司the Splinter Group的史蒂夫·巴尔科姆(Steve Balcom)和莱恩·伍斯特(Lane Wurster), as well as entertainment lawyer Shawn Nolan. 她以前在卡罗来纳学英语的两名学生——米普索的Libby Rodenbough和Faith Jones——都是这张专辑的一部分. Rodenbough also plays on Highways 和“Rocketships.”


在某些方面, 多尔说:, her love of music probably came first, 但她父亲是个学者, 她一直热爱文学. As she made her way through college, “I had both things going on,她说.

多雷有一个灵光一现的时刻,当她了解到布鲁斯歌手Huddie William Ledbetter, better known by the stage name “Lead Belly,” had played guitar and sung at the 1934 Modern Language Association convention. He was on a panel with folklorist John Lomax that focused on popular literature.

在《澳门葡京官方网》中,多雷通过对不同艺术家的采访,以及小说家的散文,对这些交集进行了扩展, 音乐家等等. 约翰·普林去世后,她与他的乐队成员聊天,还与露辛达·威廉姆斯聊天, 史蒂夫·厄尔和其他人. 有一些澳门葡京开户的联系, 太, including essays from fellow creative writing faculty members Daniel Wallace and the late Randall Kenan; history professor emeritus Bill Ferris writes the afterword.


多尔曾在国家人文中心和摇滚中心举办过关于摇滚和文学的公开会议 & 摇滚名人堂, 她还是塔尔萨大学鲍勃·迪伦研究所的顾问委员会成员.

“Songwriting and literature are both explorations of the human condition,她说, adding that the two art forms create a kind of “cultural togetherness.”

多尔 will discuss “The Ink in the Grooves” and share some songs on10月. 27岁在教堂山的Flyleaf书店. The book signing line begins at 5:30 p.m.6点开始演讲. 她将于12月重新上路,在康涅狄格州、马萨诸塞州和纽约停留.

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